Flux Supporting GPU Miners – Why not check out the project?

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What will you be crypto mining after the merge? My choice would be Flux, Ergo or ETC at a push. Few projects seem to be supporting GPU Miners as a priority, but for me they are the heart and lifeblood of the Network along with Node Operators. We have been heavily criticized and in terms of Ethereum neglected for some time.

Ethereum seems to be completely driven by the whims of its developers, and has had no real consideration for miners apart from slashing rewards for a long time. For me I am a little sick of it.

This is why in this post, I am going to Focus on Flux.

So what does Flux bring for the Miners?

In my view it is one of the best communities to be involved with, support has always been available. But apart from that they have been working on improving. Development for the project and with the next iteration of Proof of Work to Proof of Useful Work they are ahead of the curve.

You may have thought that they had neglected AMD cards in the past, but this has now changing with lolMiner now offering boosts of 10 to 20% on the algorithm for certain GPUs.

For me most mining software has been tailored towards ETH for too long. But the support from lolMiner is starting to show support for the Flux Algorithm – great job lolMiner.

Learn More about Flux

The below link and quote and link is a from the Flux Team –

Bring your hash home to Flux. – We invite all GPU miners to bring their hash home to Flux. Together we can build the best and most profitable proof of work ecosystem in the blockchain.


Reasons to choose Flux

Here are some of my top reasons to mine flux:-

  • Parallel Assets – you get additional assets which adds to payouts.
  • Development – The project has a solid road map.
  • Price – Flux now has a huge amount staked and the price has been on an upward trend as of writing.
  • Staking Options and Exchanges – You can get yield by Staking on Titan Nodes,
  • Grow your Mined Flux Further – You can use your mined flux to setup on a node to gain additional Flux.
  • Infrastructure – You are supporting infrastructure that is being used to develop decentralized dApps, not only for the community, but for wider use to help society.
  • Empowering the Wider Crypto Community – Flux has helped numerous projects be more decentralized and not launching on centralized infrastructure. Projects like Docushield, Kaddex, Presearch Nodes and many more.

Thanks for reading, check out some of my other posts and always DYOR.

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