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I have been weighing this up for a little while now and have finally taken the plunge with some of my Flux node rewards.

This is not financial advice and with the recent collapse of some Crypto companies, please do your own research. And only stake what you can afford to loose.

Why stake Flux?

Sometime it is good to diversify a little bit. If you are holding it in a wallet its not growing. For me it will speed up the process for setting up and upgrading to the next tier of flux node. Its always worth considering that if its not your keys its not your crypto. So please remember that when making investments.

There are also other options, like the upcoming Titan Nodes with Lumen technologies. I would check that out as well and keep in touch its fast approaching!

How does it work?

At the moment looks like the minimum stake is 50 flux at terms of 1 month to a year, increasing APR as per the term. I am not going to pop them in the article as they can always change in the future and could go down.

What do you need to do to stake?

All you need to do is have some flux in your wallet, go to the menu then select staking and pick the right option for you. I tend to stagger mine. Think the post should read upto 13%.

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